Are Food Should Taste Good Chips Healthy?

Food Should Taste Good chips are a popular snack that many people enjoy. They come in a variety of flavors, from classic tortilla chips to more exotic flavors like multigrain and spicy jalapeno. They are marketed as a healthier alternative to other chips and snacks, but are they really healthy?

On the surface, Food Should Taste Good chips seem like a healthy choice. They are made with simple ingredients including whole grains, oil, and seasonings.

They also have no artificial colors or flavors. This means they are free of unhealthy trans fats and other unhealthy additives.

However, when you look closer at the nutrition facts of Food Should Taste Good chips, they don’t seem quite as healthy as they appear on the surface. A single serving of these chips contains 140 calories and 8 grams of fat, which is on par with many other popular brands of chips. They also contain 4 grams of sugar, which is higher than most brands.

In addition to the nutritional information on the package, it’s important to consider how Food Should Taste Good chips are cooked. Many brands of chips use partially hydrogenated oils for frying or baking which can add unhealthy trans fats to the chip. Food Should Taste Good does not use these types of oils but instead uses sunflower oil for cooking their chips.


Overall, Food Should Taste Good Chips may not be as healthy as some people think. While they do not contain any artificial ingredients or unhealthy trans fats, they do have an average amount of calories and fat when compared to other brands of chips. However, their use of sunflower oil for cooking makes them a better choice than some other brands.