Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Mexico?

Michelin stars are the most coveted awards in the culinary world. Since its first edition in 1900, Michelin’s Red Guide has been a reference for food lovers around the world. Restaurants that receive a star or more are considered to be of the highest quality, with exceptional food and top-notch service.

Mexico has long been known for its vibrant culinary culture, and many of its restaurants have been recognized by renowned chefs and critics alike. However, until recently, there have been no Michelin star restaurants in Mexico.

That all changed in 2019 when La Capital restaurant in Mexico City became the first Mexican restaurant to receive a Michelin star. Located in the trendy Roma Norte neighborhood, La Capital is run by chef Diego Hernández Baquedano.

The restaurant is known for its contemporary Mexican cuisine that blends traditional flavors with modern techniques.

Since then, a handful of other Mexican restaurants have been awarded Michelin stars. These include Santceloni in Mexico City; Las Quekas in Puebla; and Manta Raya in Playa del Carmen. Each of these restaurants offers an innovative take on Mexican cuisine that has earned them recognition from the prestigious guide.


Yes, there are now some Michelin star restaurants located throughout Mexico. With the recognition from one of the most prestigious culinary guides, these restaurants are sure to continue delighting diners with their unique takes on Mexican cuisine for years to come.