Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Sacramento?

When it comes to culinary excellence, Michelin star restaurants are always a great choice. These restaurants have been recognized as the best of the best in the culinary world and are often featured on television shows and in magazines. So, when it comes to the question of whether there are any Michelin Star Restaurants in Sacramento?

The answer is a resounding yes! Sacramento has several Michelin Star Restaurants that have been rated for their excellence in cuisine and service.

The Toro Bravo family of restaurants has been awarded three stars with its flagship restaurant, The Kitchen, located in downtown Sacramento. This restaurant serves up modern Spanish tapas and other traditional dishes with an emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Another highly-rated Michelin Star Restaurant is Hawks. Located on K Street near downtown Sacramento, Hawks offers an array of seasonally-inspired dishes showcasing local produce and proteins. Their menu changes regularly, so you can be sure that you’ll never get bored.

For those looking for a more casual dining experience, The Firehouse is another great option for Michelin Star cuisine in Sacramento. The menu features seasonal American favorites such as burgers, mac & cheese, and sandwiches made from locally sourced ingredients.

Sacramento also boasts several other Michelin Star Restaurants such as Ella Dining Room & Bar, Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co., Mulvaney’s B&L, and many more. These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines ranging from French to Italian to American favorites.


In conclusion, Sacramento has several incredible Michelin Star Restaurants that offer delicious food made with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dining experience or just a casual bite to eat, there’s something for everyone at these fine establishments.

So if you’re ever in the area or just looking for some truly exceptional cuisine, be sure to stop by one of these incredible restaurants!