Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Tulum?

Tulum, Mexico has seen an influx of high-end restaurant openings over the past few years. As one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, it is no surprise that Tulum has become a foodie paradise. With its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, it is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal. But for the more discerning diner, the question remains – are there any Michelin Star restaurants in Tulum?

The answer is yes! Tulum boasts two Michelin-starred eateries – Hartwood and Restaurante Noma. Hartwood offers an eclectic mix of Mexican and American flavors, while Restaurante Noma specializes in innovative Nordic cuisine. Both restaurants have been awarded one Michelin star each, making them some of the highest rated restaurants in Mexico.

Hartwood offers an ever-changing menu featuring locally sourced ingredients cooked over an open flame. The atmosphere is casual yet elegant, with a focus on sustainability and community. The restaurant has been praised for its unique dishes that combine traditional Mexican flavors with modern techniques.

Restaurante Noma has also earned rave reviews from critics around the world. The restaurant serves seasonal dishes inspired by Nordic cuisine, such as fermented vegetables and smoked fish. The atmosphere is refined yet relaxed, with artfully designed dishes made from locally caught seafood and produce.

Tulum’s two Michelin-starred restaurants offer guests a truly unique dining experience that they won’t find anywhere else in Mexico. Both Hartwood and Restaurante Noma have earned their stars by creating innovative dishes that showcase local ingredients and flavors with a modern twist.


Yes, there are two Michelin Star restaurants located in Tulum – Hartwood and Restaurante Noma – both offering guests exceptional culinary experiences utilizing local ingredients cooked over an open flame or prepared using modern techniques inspired by Nordic cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious dinner or an unforgettable meal experience, these two restaurants will not disappoint!