Can Canned Food Be Stored in a Hot Garage?

Canned food is a convenient, shelf-stable food item which can be stored for a long period of time. Since it is sealed in an airtight container, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated like other items. But, when it comes to storing canned food in a hot garage, one has to be careful.

The temperature of a typical garage during the summer months can easily reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, depending on the climate. In such high temperatures, the contents of the cans can spoil quickly due to the growth of bacteria and mold.

This can cause sickness if consumed. Therefore, storing canned food in a hot garage for long periods of time is not recommended.

Additionally, extreme temperatures can have an effect on the sealant used to seal the cans shut as well as on their structural integrity. High temperatures can cause the sealant to weaken or even fail altogether which could lead to spoilage and contamination of canned foods stored in such conditions. Furthermore, excessive heat can also cause cans to expand and contract which may lead to dents or even holes that could compromise their airtight seal leading to more spoilage and contamination issues.

So what are some safer alternatives? It’s best to store canned food at room temperature in cool, dry places with moderate humidity levels like pantries or cupboards away from any sources of heat such as stoves or radiators. If these options are not available then consider keeping canned goods in cooler places such as basements or refrigerators instead of garages. For longer storage times, it’s best to store cans in your freezer since frozen foods are less likely to spoil due to bacterial growth and stay safe for consumption for up to two years.

In conclusion, while canned food is convenient and does not need refrigeration for short-term storage periods; it is not advisable for long-term storage purposes if kept in hot garages due to potential bacterial contamination and structural damage that may occur from extreme temperatures.