Do Any Canadian Restaurants Have a Michelin Star?

When it comes to fine dining and exquisite cuisine, one of the most prestigious awards is the Michelin Star. This star is awarded to restaurants around the world that meet a set of criteria set out by Michelin. The Michelin Guide has been providing ratings for restaurants since 1926 and is seen as one of the most prestigious awards for a restaurant.

The award has been given to restaurants in countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany for many years, but what about Canada? Do any Canadian restaurants have a Michelin Star?

The answer is yes! In fact, there are several Canadian restaurants with a Michelin Star.

These include Alo in Toronto, Toqué! in Montreal and Hawksworth in Vancouver. Each of these restaurants offers an exquisite menu featuring dishes made with fresh ingredients and innovative techniques.

Alo: Alo is a French-inspired restaurant located in Toronto. The acclaimed Chef Patrick Kriss leads the team at Alo and has created an impressive menu that features classic French dishes with modern twists.

Toqué!: Toqué! Is one of Montreal’s premier dining destinations.

The restaurant focuses on local Quebecois cuisine prepared with modern techniques. The restaurant has been awarded several accolades including two Michelin Stars.

Hawksworth: Hawksworth is a Vancouver-based restaurant that specializes in Pacific Northwest cuisine. The chefs at Hawksworth strive to use local ingredients whenever possible to create innovative dishes that showcase the best of British Columbia’s bounty.

These are just some of the Canadian restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin Star. There are also several other highly acclaimed restaurants across Canada that have been recognized for their excellence in food and service.

It’s clear that Canada can boast some of the world’s best restaurants when it comes to fine dining. With several Canadian restaurants having earned a coveted Michelin Star, it’s easy to see why Canada is becoming known as an international culinary destination.


In conclusion, yes there are indeed Canadian Restaurants with a Michelin Star. From Alo in Toronto, Toqué! In Montreal to Hawksworth in Vancouver, it’s clear that Canada can boast some of the world’s best when it comes to fine dining.