Do Restaurants Pay for Michelin Star?

Michelin stars are an important award for restaurants around the world. It is a prestigious honor that is awarded by Michelin, a French tire company, and is considered one of the most respected and sought-after accolades in the restaurant industry.

The award is given to restaurants that demonstrate high levels of quality in their food and service. But do restaurants pay for Michelin stars?

The short answer to this question is no. The Michelin Guide’s inspection process is completely independent and unbiased.

This means that restaurants cannot buy, or pay for, a Michelin star – it must be earned through dedication to culinary excellence. Every year, inspectors from the Michelin Guide visit potential star-rated restaurants anonymously and without warning.

To be eligible for a Michelin star, a restaurant must meet certain criteria. This includes having high-quality ingredients that are prepared in an innovative way, as well as providing excellent service to guests. The inspectors also take into account other factors such as atmosphere and décor.

In order to maintain their star rating, restaurants must continue to meet these standards on an ongoing basis. If they fail to do so, they risk losing their star rating or not being awarded one at all.


In conclusion, it is important to note that restaurants cannot buy or pay for Michelin stars – they must be earned through hard work and dedication to culinary excellence. The inspection process of the Michelin Guide is strictly independent and unbiased, ensuring that only the best restaurants receive these highly sought after awards.