Do You Put Flooring Under Kitchen Appliances?

When it comes to choosing how to floor your kitchen, you may be wondering if you should put flooring under kitchen appliances. The answer is yes, it is recommended that you do lay down some type of flooring beneath your kitchen appliances, especially if they are large and heavy.

For starters, the extra layer of protection will help prevent any damage from occurring to the subfloor. If the appliance were to move or vibrate during its operation, this could cause some wear and tear on the underlying surface. By laying down a layer of flooring underneath your appliance, it can help protect against any potential damage that might occur in the future.

It also makes it easier to move the appliance when needed.

If you ever need to rearrange or move your appliances around in the future, having a layer of flooring beneath them can make it much easier. With flooring in place, it’s simply a matter of sliding them across the surface rather than having to lift and carry them.

Finally, adding some type of flooring beneath your appliances can also help create a more finished look in your kitchen. This is especially true if you choose materials that match or complement the rest of your kitchen décor. It can help tie everything together and give your kitchen a more pulled-together look.


In conclusion, it’s highly recommended that you lay down some type of flooring beneath your kitchen appliances for various reasons such as protection from potential damage, ease of movement when rearranging them in the future and for aesthetic purposes. Flooring materials such as vinyl or laminate are great choices for this purpose.