Does 21212 Have a Michelin Star?

21212 is a critically acclaimed restaurant located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2007 by Chef Paul Kitching and his wife, Katie O’Brien, 21212 has been a staple of the city’s culinary scene ever since. The menu is described as ‘Modern European’ and focuses on locally sourced produce and innovative techniques.

The restaurant has received rave reviews from customers and critics alike and has been awarded multiple accolades over the years. It was named ‘Best Restaurant in Scotland’ by the prestigious Good Food Guide for five consecutive years from 2011-2015, as well as being named ‘Best Restaurant in Edinburgh’ by The List magazine for four consecutive years from 2013-2016.

As well as these impressive awards, 21212 has also been shortlisted for a Michelin star multiple times since it opened in 2007. A Michelin star is an accolade awarded to restaurants that have achieved ‘exceptional good food at affordable prices’ according to the Michelin Guide standards. The restaurant’s consistent success over its ten year history suggests that it may be deserving of such recognition.

Despite its consistent success over the past decade, 21212 has yet to receive a Michelin star – despite being shortlisted multiple times. This is surprising given its long list of accolades and awards that suggest it would easily qualify for such a prestigious title.

It is possible that 21212 may still be awarded a Michelin star at some point in the future, but until then we can only speculate as to why it has not yet achieved this recognition despite its numerous achievements over the past decade.

Conclusion: Does 21212 have a Michelin Star? No, 21212 does not currently have a Michelin Star despite being shortlisted multiple times since opening in 2007 and having achieved numerous awards and accolades over the past decade. It is possible that they may still be awarded one at some point in the future however we can only speculate as to why they have not yet been granted one so far.