Does a Michelin Star Expire?

A Michelin star is the highest accolade for a restaurant. It’s been awarded since 1926, when the Michelin Guide was first published.

The criteria used to award a Michelin star are based on five elements: quality of ingredients, mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in his/her cuisine, value for money, and consistency. A single star is awarded to restaurants that are seen as “very good in their category”, two stars mean “excellent cooking, worth a detour” and three stars indicate “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

Many restaurants strive for a Michelin star. But does it expire?

The answer is no. A Michelin star is permanent; once awarded it can never be taken away. However, if the restaurant’s standards slip or if it closes down then they can lose the star.

Michelin itself states

“The Michelin Guide inspectors visit every venue listed in The Guide each year and any change in ratings is reflected in The Guide’s annual publication. These ratings may go up or down according to how well the venue has maintained its standards since its last assessment.”

This means that

while a Michelin star cannot be taken away from a restaurant after it has been awarded, there is no guarantee that it will keep its rating if standards decline over time. This has happened to some restaurants; despite retaining their stars in previous years they have lost them due to falling short of the required standards.


A Michelin star does not expire but can be lost if standards slip or if the restaurant closes down. Achieving this prestigious accolade requires dedication and consistency so that it can be retained year after year.