Does Arby’s Have Healthy Food?

Arby’s, the international fast-food chain that has been satisfying customers since 1964, has long been known for its delicious sandwiches. With a wide variety of offerings, Arby’s can be an appealing option for those looking for tasty, convenient food on the go. But is Arby’s food considered healthy?

While Arby’s does offer some healthy options, the majority of their menu items are not considered healthful choices. The most popular items on the Arby’s menu are their roast beef sandwiches, which typically range from 500-800 calories and contain a significant amount of saturated fat. Furthermore, many of their sandwiches contain additional ingredients such as cheese and sauces that add even more fat and calories to the meal.

Arby’s Salads

Arby’s does offer several healthier alternatives in their lineup of salads. These include grilled chicken options such as the Classic Greek Chicken Salad or the Roast Turkey & Swiss Salad.

While these salads are lower in saturated fat than other Arby’s items, they still contain a considerable amount of calories and sodium. Additionally, Arby’s salads come with dressings that can add even more calories to your meal if you’re not careful with your portion sizes.

Healthier Options

If you’re looking for healthier options at Arby’s, your best bet is to stick to lean proteins such as roast turkey or chicken breast sandwiches with no cheese or sauces. Additionally, you should opt for side dishes such as apple slices or a garden salad instead of French fries or onion rings.


Overall, while there are some healthier options available at Arby’s it is important to be mindful when selecting your food choices from their menu in order to ensure that you are eating healthfully. Therefore, it is generally recommended that those looking for healthier options should choose lean proteins and vegetable side dishes whenever possible when dining at Arby’s.