Does Canada Have Any Michelin Star Restaurants?

Canada is a country known for its rich culture, diverse geography and fine cuisine. With a wide selection of restaurants, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. This is where the Michelin Guide comes in. The Michelin Guide is a prestigious culinary rating system that awards top-tier restaurants with one or more stars. So, does Canada have any Michelin star restaurants?

The answer is yes!

Canada has several restaurants that have been recognized by the Michelin Guide for their excellence in cuisine and service. Some of these include Toqué! in Montreal and Hawksworth Restaurant in Vancouver. Both of these restaurants have been awarded two stars by the guide, which denotes outstanding cuisine that is worth a special journey to experience. In addition to these two-star establishments, there are several one-star eateries throughout the country including St. Lawrence in Toronto and Maison Boulud in Montreal.

Furthermore, there are also many Canadian chefs who have been awarded with prestigious Michelin Stars for their delectable dishes. Chefs such as David McMillan from Joe Beef in Montreal and Alex Chen from Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Vancouver have both been awarded two stars from the guide.

Other notable chefs include Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation in Vancouver, Yannick LaSalle from Toqué! In Montreal and Rob Feenie from Cactus Club Cafe in Vancouver.


Yes, Canada does have several Michelin star restaurants and chefs across its provinces who have been recognized for their exceptional culinary creations! From two-star establishments like Toqué! In Montreal to one-star eateries such as St. Lawrence in Toronto, there are plenty of options for foodies looking to experience the best of Canadian cuisine.