Does Carlo Cracco Have a Michelin Star?

Carlo Cracco is an Italian chef and restaurateur who has established himself as one of the world’s premier culinary talents. The Michelin-starred chef has earned numerous accolades, including being the only Italian chef to have been awarded three Michelin stars. He is also the owner of two restaurants, located in Milan and London.

Cracco first entered the culinary world in 1996 when he began working for Gualtiero Marchesi, one of Italy’s most celebrated chefs. His time there proved to be invaluable, as it allowed him to hone his skills and develop a unique style of cooking. After leaving Marchesi’s restaurant, Cracco opened his own eatery in Milan which quickly became one of the city’s most popular destinations for fine dining.

In 2006, Cracco was awarded his first Michelin star. This was followed by another star in 2009 and then a third in 2011, making him the only Italian chef to have been awarded three Michelin stars. This achievement put him on par with some of the greatest chefs in the world, such as Alain Ducasse and Gordon Ramsay.

As well as having two restaurants that hold multiple Michelin stars each, Cracco also runs a cooking school where he teaches aspiring chefs how to create their own signature dishes. He has also written several books on cooking technique which have become popular amongst professional chefs and food enthusiasts alike.


Carlo Cracco does indeed have a Michelin star; in fact, he currently holds three stars from the prestigious guidebook. His achievements have made him one of the most renowned Italian chefs in the world today and his restaurants are considered some of Europe’s best establishments for fine dining.