Does Chicago Have Michelin Star Restaurants?

Chicago is a city renowned for its unique style of cuisine, and it has a thriving restaurant scene. Several restaurants have earned Michelin stars for their outstanding quality and service. Michelin stars are awarded to the best restaurants in the world, and Chicago has several establishments that have achieved this recognition.

Au Cheval is one of Chicago’s most acclaimed restaurants and has been awarded one Michelin star. The restaurant serves up classic American fare with an emphasis on steak and burgers. The menu features seasonal ingredients, creative takes on classic dishes, and inventive craft cocktails.

Yūgen is another Michelin-starred restaurant in the city. This Japanese eatery serves up dishes that are inspired by traditional Japanese recipes but include modern twists.

The food is prepared using seasonal ingredients, with an emphasis on freshness and local produce. The menu features sushi rolls, yakitori skewers, ramen noodles, tempura vegetables, and more.

Grace is a contemporary American restaurant that serves up innovative dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. It has been awarded two Michelin stars for its consistently excellent cuisine and service. The menu features seasonal ingredients as well as classic dishes like steak tartare and poached lobster tail with caviar sauce.

The Allium is an upscale farm-to-table restaurant that has earned one Michelin star for its creative use of local ingredients to create innovative dishes with an emphasis on seasonality and freshness. The menu includes items like seared scallops served with heirloom tomatoes, charred broccolini with preserved Meyer lemons, and wild mushroom risotto with pea tendrils and Parmesan foam.


Yes, Chicago does have several restaurants that have earned Michelin stars for their outstanding quality and service. These establishments serve up innovative cuisine inspired by various global cuisines as well as classic American fare using seasonal ingredients from local producers to create unique dishes sure to please any palate.