Does Curtis Stone Have a Michelin Star?

Curtis Stone is a renowned celebrity chef with an impressive resume. He has appeared on numerous cooking shows, written several cookbooks, and opened multiple restaurants across the globe. But one accolade he hasn’t achieved yet is a Michelin star.

A Michelin star is the highest honor a restaurant can achieve in the culinary world. It signifies that the restaurant has achieved a certain level of excellence, and that its food and service are exemplary. The award is given out by the Michelin Guide, which evaluates over 30,000 restaurants each year and awards stars to those that stand out.

Curtis Stone has not yet earned a Michelin star for any of his restaurants. This isn’t too surprising since only a small percentage of restaurants ever receive one of these prestigious awards. Still, it’s something that many chefs aspire to achieve.

Stone may not have earned a Michelin star yet, but he does have an impressive list of accomplishments. He has been featured on numerous television shows such as Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef America; he’s written four successful cookbooks; and he has opened several acclaimed restaurants in Los Angeles and Australia.

Stone also recently opened his first restaurant in London called Maude. The restaurant serves modern American cuisine and is already receiving rave reviews from critics and diners alike. It remains to be seen if Stone will earn his first Michelin star at this latest venture.


Does Curtis Stone have a Michelin Star? No, he currently does not have any Michelin Stars for his restaurants. However, he does have an impressive list of accomplishments which could help him to eventually earn one in the future for his latest venture Maude in London.