Does Cut Have a Michelin Star?

The Michelin Guide is an internationally recognized guidebook for restaurant and hotel reviews. It is especially popular in Europe, but its influence has grown to include restaurants from all over the world.

The guide awards ratings to restaurants based on their quality, service, and overall experience. For the highest-rated restaurants, the guide awards one to three stars, with a single star being the highest rating.

Cut is a steakhouse restaurant located in Beverly Hills, California. It was opened in 2006 by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and has since become renowned for its high-quality steaks and other dishes. Cut has been praised by critics for its excellent service and atmosphere as well as its delicious food.

Cut has been featured in several publications, including Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best Steakhouses in America” list and Esquire Magazine’s “Best Steakhouses in Los Angeles” list. However, despite all of this acclaim, Cut has not yet been awarded a Michelin star.

Does Cut Have a Michelin Star?

At this time, Cut does not have a Michelin star. The restaurant has not yet been included in the Michelin Guide at all, which means that it is not eligible for any of the stars awarded by the guide. It is possible that Cut could be added to the guide in future years and be given a star rating if its quality remains as high as it currently is.


At present, Cut does not have a Michelin star but it could be included in future years if its quality continues to impress critics.