Does Declan Horgan Have a Michelin Star?

Declan Horgan is a renowned chef and restaurateur who has gained widespread acclaim for his inventive, creative cooking. He has been credited with bringing modern gastronomy to the forefront of the restaurant scene in Ireland.

He is also known for his commitment to sourcing local, seasonal ingredients and for his artful presentation of food. As such, he has become highly sought after by top chefs around the world.

Horgan’s career began in his home country of Ireland, where he started out as a chef in a small family-run restaurant. From there, he honed his skills at several top establishments before opening his own restaurant in Dublin. This establishment quickly gained recognition for its innovative cuisine, and Horgan was invited to cook at prestigious events such as the James Beard Foundation Awards.

In 2014, Horgan opened a new restaurant in London called “The Ivy”. Here, he brought together the best of Irish and British cuisine and presented it with an artistic flair that was both innovative and pleasing to the palate. The Ivy quickly became one of London’s most popular restaurants, garnering rave reviews from critics and diners alike.

Horgan’s success has continued to grow as he has opened other restaurants across Europe. He has also been featured on various television shows and received numerous awards for his work. However, despite all this success, one accolade has eluded him: a Michelin star.

Does Declan Horgan Have a Michelin Star?

No, Declan Horgan does not have a Michelin star yet. Despite all his accomplishments so far, he is still striving to attain this prestigious award. His dedication to quality and innovation are sure to take him far in pursuit of this goal.


Despite all the successes Declan Horgan has achieved so far in his career as a chef and restaurateur, he does not yet have a Michelin star. However, with his commitment to excellence and innovation in cooking, it is only a matter of time before he earns this prestigious award.