Does Gramercy Tavern Have a Michelin Star?

Gramercy Tavern, the iconic restaurant featured in New York City, is known for its innovative American cuisine and warm hospitality. For years, people have been wondering if the eatery has earned a Michelin star. The answer is yes, and it has held onto that honor for many consecutive years.

Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants that meet the highest standards of excellence and quality. Those who dine at Gramercy Tavern can expect to enjoy a luxurious experience with impeccable service, extraordinary food and drinks, and an atmosphere that is both cozy and sophisticated. All of these elements add up to a truly memorable meal.

The menu at Gramercy Tavern changes with the season, but it always includes creative dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced from local purveyors. There are also plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans as well as people who are looking for something more traditional. The bar also features an impressive selection of wines, craft beers, and specialty cocktails.

Gramercy Tavern has been consistently recognized for its excellence by critics from around the world. It has earned numerous awards over the years including multiple James Beard Awards, New York Magazine’s Best Restaurant Award in 2012, Best New American Cuisine Award from Zagat in 2013, and more.


Gramercy Tavern does indeed have a Michelin star and deservedly so. The restaurant offers diners an unforgettable experience with delicious food made from fresh ingredients combined with stellar service in a cozy atmosphere. It’s no wonder why this iconic eatery has been recognized by critics around the world time after time.