Does Ireland Have a Michelin Star Restaurant?

The Michelin Guide is the oldest European hotel and restaurant guide, first published in 1900. It has become a symbol of excellence in the culinary world, and Michelin stars are the most coveted honour for any chef or restaurant.

Ireland is a country renowned for its rich culinary history, and its gastronomic scene has been growing steadily over recent years. So does Ireland have a Michelin Star Restaurant?

The answer is yes! There are currently seven restaurants in Ireland with Michelin stars.

The first Irish restaurant to receive the coveted accolade was Patrick Guilbaud in 1981, located in Dublin. It is still considered one of the best restaurants in the country and holds two Michelin stars. Another well-known Dublin restaurant, Eipic, has retained its one star since 2016.

Outside of Dublin there are four other restaurants that have achieved Michelin star status. The first non-Dublin restaurant to do so was Deane’s EIPIC in Belfast, which opened in 2015 and has held onto its star since then. Other prestigious restaurants with a single star include Aniar Restaurant & Boutique Bar in Galway, The Muddler’s Club in Belfast, and Campagne Restaurant Kilkenny.

The latest addition to this list comes from Cork with Ichigo Ichie being awarded a star earlier this year. This brings the total number of Michelin starred establishments to seven across Ireland – an impressive number for such a small island!

Notably, there are no restaurants with three stars – something that many top chefs aspire to achieve – but perhaps this will change over time as Ireland continues to develop its foodie culture and more chefs push themselves to reach new heights of excellence.

The seven Michelin starred restaurants across Ireland demonstrate how far the country has come on its culinary journey over recent decades. From humble beginnings it has established itself as one of Europe’s most exciting foodie destinations and it looks set to continue growing over time – who knows how many more Michelin stars we’ll see popping up around Ireland’s shores!

To answer the original question: Yes, Ireland does have a Michelin Star Restaurant! Currently there are seven establishments across the country that have achieved this esteemed honour – six of which are located outside Dublin – making them real gems for any foodie looking for an unforgettable dining experience.

So if you’re visiting Ireland why not try one out?

Conclusion: So does Ireland have a Michelin Star Restaurant? Yes! There are currently seven restaurants across Ireland with one or two stars each – including five outside of Dublin – making them great destinations for anyone looking for an exceptional culinary experience during their visit to the Emerald Isle.