Does Israel Have a Michelin Star Restaurant?

Israel is a country known for its unique cuisine and culture. For years, it has been the home to some of the world’s most renowned chefs and restaurants. But does Israel have a Michelin-starred restaurant?

The answer is yes, there is one Michelin-starred restaurant in Israel. Located in Tel Aviv, “Mul Yam” is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in the country.

It’s owned by chef Assaf Granit, who has been running the eatery since 1999. The restaurant has been awarded with one Michelin star every year since 2012.

Mul Yam offers an exquisite menu of Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine. Dishes are cooked with an emphasis on freshness and local ingredients.

The menu changes seasonally to keep up with seasonal ingredients and flavors. Their signature dishes include a variety of fish dishes like Sea Bass carpaccio, grilled fillet of sea bass with tahini sauce, and crispy fried fish with red pepper coulis.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is also something special—it’s cozy yet elegant and inviting. The decor is modern but also pays homage to its Middle Eastern roots. You can expect great service from the staff as well.


So, yes, there is one Michelin-starred restaurant in Israel: Mul Yam in Tel Aviv. It has been awarded one star every year since 2012 for its fresh Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine, excellent service and inviting atmosphere.