Does Jaleo Have a Michelin Star?

Jaleo is a popular restaurant located in Washington D.C., specializing in Spanish cuisine. With its roots in Valencia, Spain, Jaleo has been bringing traditional flavors to the nation’s capital since 1993.

It is owned by renowned chef José Andrés, who has become a household name with his many television appearances and award-winning restaurants. But does Jaleo have a Michelin star?

The answer is yes, Jaleo does have a Michelin star. In December 2016, the restaurant was awarded one of the prestigious stars by the Michelin Guide Washington D., making it one of only three restaurants in the city to receive such an honor. The other two restaurants are Kinship and The Dabney.

Michelin stars are given out for exceptional cuisine that meets certain criteria set out by the Michelin Guide inspectors. These include quality of ingredients, skillful preparation and presentation of dishes, value for money, consistency across multiple visits and overall dining experience. To achieve one star means that a restaurant is considered very good in its category; two stars mean it is excellent; and three stars indicate that it is extraordinary and worth a special journey to experience it.

Jaleo’s Culinary Excellence

Jaleo’s commitment to excellence can be seen throughout its menu, which features traditional tapas dishes such as patatas bravas, chorizo al vino tinto and gambas al ajillo alongside signature creations like fideua (a noodle paella served with cuttlefish), pescaíto frito (fried white fish) and Spanish omelette. Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients sourced both locally and from Spain itself.

Dining Experience

In addition to its outstanding cuisine, Jaleo also offers an unforgettable dining experience that includes live music from flamenco guitarists on Fridays and Saturdays as well as an extensive wine selection featuring some of Spain’s best bottles.


So, does Jaleo have a Michelin star? Yes! Jaleo has been recognized for its commitment to culinary excellence by being awarded one star from the prestigious Michelin Guide Washington D.. With its delicious food, outstanding atmosphere and unique dining experience, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has become so popular in recent years.