Does Jay Fai Still Have a Michelin Star?

Jay Fai, a 74 year-old street food chef in Bangkok, Thailand has been turning heads since the Michelin Guide awarded her a single Michelin star in 2018. She is famous for her crab omelette and seafood dishes, which she serves up at her modest street food stall, Raan Jay Fai.

In 2019, Jay Fai made headlines when she was featured on the Netflix show “Street Food”. The episode highlighted her remarkable story of how she overcame adversity to become one of the most celebrated street food chefs in Bangkok.

While her fame has grown exponentially in recent years, many people have been asking – Does Jay Fai still have a Michelin star?

The answer is yes! Despite not opening for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jay Fai’s single Michelin star status has remained intact.

This is thanks to the Michelin Guide’s new policy of awarding stars based on ‘historic quality’ rather than current performance. This means that even if a restaurant temporarily closes its doors due to unforeseen circumstances such as Covid-19, they will not be stripped of their stars.

Jay Fai has earned her Michelin star through her hard work and dedication to serving delicious and authentic Thai cuisine. Her dishes are an integral part of the street food culture in Bangkok and they attract both locals and tourists alike. She is an inspiration to many aspiring chefs who dream of one day receiving a Michelin star.


So, does Jay Fai still have a Michelin star? Yes!

Thanks to the new policy implemented by the Michelin Guide, Jay Fai’s single Michelin Star status remains intact despite not opening for months due to Covid-19.