Does Joel Robuchon Have a Michelin Star?

Joel Robuchon is a French chef and restaurateur who has been awarded the title of “Chef of the Century” by the Guide Michelin. He has held multiple Michelin stars throughout his career, with a total of 26 three-star restaurants worldwide. He was the first chef to receive three stars for all of his restaurants, and he is the most starred chef in the world with 31 stars in total.

Robuchon began his culinary career in Strasbourg in 1975 when he opened his first restaurant, Jamin. The restaurant quickly gained fame for its innovative dishes, which featured a combination of French and modern cuisine.

His success at Jamin enabled him to open more restaurants around Europe and eventually across the world. As his reputation grew, so did his awards and accolades from culinary associations.

In 1991, Robuchon was awarded three Michelin stars for Jamin and became one of only two chefs in France to achieve this honor. This achievement made him an international sensation and cemented his place as an innovator in gastronomy.

He went on to open more restaurants around Europe and Japan, all receiving some form of Michelin recognition along the way. The pinnacle of Robuchon’s success came when he received three Michelin stars for all of his restaurants in 1993, becoming the first chef ever to do so.

Robuchon’s influence on modern French cuisine cannot be overstated; he has inspired countless chefs around the world with his creative dishes and techniques. His commitment to quality ingredients has become a standard that many chefs strive for today. In 2016, he was awarded France’s highest honor – Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur – for his contributions to French cuisine throughout his career.

The answer to whether Joel Robuchon has a Michelin star is an unequivocal yes! Throughout his illustrious career, Robuchon has achieved an unprecedented 31 Michelin stars across 26 three-star restaurants worldwide. This makes him not only one of the most decorated chefs alive today but also one of the most successful chefs ever to walk this earth.


Joel Robuchon is one of France’s most celebrated chefs and holds 31 Michelin Stars across 26 three-star restaurants worldwide making him one of the most decorated chefs alive today.