Does Kai Have a Michelin Star?

Kai is a critically acclaimed restaurant located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is owned and operated by Chef Michael DeMaria, who has been hailed as one of the best chefs in the Southwest.

Kai has been lauded by critics for its modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine and has been featured in numerous culinary publications. The restaurant has also won several awards over the years, including an AAA Five Diamond Award and a James Beard Foundation Award.

Kai is renowned for its innovative menu that combines traditional Mexican flavors with contemporary cooking techniques. Popular dishes include carne asada tacos with roasted tomatillo salsa, slow-cooked pork carnitas with pineapple-habanero relish, and wood-fired duck enchiladas with mole poblano. Diners also rave about the restaurant’s signature margaritas and its extensive wine list featuring selections from Mexico, Spain, and France.

Despite all of its accolades, Kai has yet to receive a coveted Michelin star. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants that demonstrate exceptional quality in food, service, and atmosphere. While it’s possible for restaurants to be awarded two or three stars over time, most restaurants never even receive one.


At this time, Kai does not have a Michelin star. However, it is certainly deserving of one due to its excellent cuisine, outstanding service, and inviting atmosphere. With continued success and recognition from culinary critics around the world, perhaps Kai will eventually receive the recognition it deserves in the form of a Michelin star.