Does Korea Have Michelin Star?

Korea is a country that is known for its delicious and diverse cuisine. From traditional dishes like kimchi and bibimbap to more modern takes on Korean food such as bulgogi and bibim naengmyeon, there are so many delicious options available.

But what about Michelin stars? Does Korea have any Michelin star restaurants?

The answer is yes! There are currently six restaurants in South Korea that have earned the prestigious Michelin star.

These restaurants are located in Seoul and Busan, offering a variety of cuisines from French to Italian to Korean Fusion. The six restaurants are:

Gaon – Located in Seoul, Gaon is a two-starred restaurant owned by Chef Kim Kwang Soo. Here, diners can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine with a modern flair. Gaon has won numerous awards for its creative menu and use of traditional ingredients.

Jungsik Dang – Also located in Seoul, Jungsik Dang has been awarded one Michelin star for its modern take on traditional Korean ingredients. The restaurant serves up both classic dishes and innovative creations using local ingredients like squid and herbs.

La Yeon – This three-starred restaurant is located inside the luxurious Shilla Hotel in Seoul. La Yeon serves contemporary French cuisine with a hint of Asian influence. The focus here is on seasonal ingredients and classic techniques to create truly exquisite dishes.

La Cachette – This one-starred restaurant can be found inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Busan. La Cachette specializes in French-Italian fusion cuisine, offering up unique creations like foie gras risotto or beef tartare with truffle dressing.

Mingles – This two-starred restaurant offers a unique experience with its mix of Korean flavors, European techniques, and molecular gastronomy elements. Mingles has won several awards for its creative menu that includes dishes such as sea urchin carbonara or wild strawberry mousse cake with yoghurt ice cream.

Vatos Urban Tacos – Located in Itaewon, Vatos Urban Tacos has been awarded one Michelin star for its fusion of Mexican flavors with Korean ingredients to create truly unique tacos like bulgogi beef tacos or kimchi carnitas tacos.


Korea definitely has some amazing restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars! From traditional Korean fare to innovative fusion cuisines, there is something here for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re looking for an upscale dining experience or just want to grab a quick taco while exploring the city, there’s something available throughout South Korea that’s sure to please.