Does Maze Have a Michelin Star?

Maze is a restaurant in London, England, and it has been in the spotlight due to its Michelin-star status. The restaurant is owned by Gordon Ramsay and has been in the news since it was first awarded its star. Maze has been praised for its modern French cuisine and its ability to combine classic culinary techniques with contemporary touches.

Maze’s Michelin star is a testament to the high quality of food served at the restaurant. The kitchen team works hard to create dishes that are both creative and delicious.

Dishes are often made using premium ingredients, such as wild mushrooms, truffles, and Japanese Wagyu beef. The chefs also focus on highlighting regional produce from around the world, resulting in unique flavor combinations that excite diners.

The atmosphere at Maze is also a major draw for guests. Located on Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, Maze offers an intimate dining experience with an emphasis on comfort and convenience. The decor is modern yet cozy, with plush chairs and warm lighting creating a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere.

In addition to its Michelin-star status, Maze also boasts a number of awards from other prestigious organizations. It has been recognized by The Sunday Times as one of their Top 100 Restaurants in London; it was named ‘Best Restaurant’ at the 2017 Food & Travel Awards; and it won ‘Best New Restaurant’ at the 2018 Time Out Awards.

Maze’s success is due to its excellent cuisine, warm atmosphere, and dedication to excellence. This commitment to quality has resulted in numerous awards and accolades from some of the most respected organizations in the culinary world – including a coveted Michelin star.


Yes, Maze does have a Michelin Star! This prestigious accolade recognizes Maze for their commitment to culinary excellence and sets them apart from other restaurants in London.