Does Melbourne Have a Michelin Star?

Melbourne is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. It’s a city that attracts food lovers from all corners of the globe, and is known for its vibrant and diverse dining scene. But does Melbourne have any Michelin-starred restaurants?

The answer is yes! The city currently has two Michelin-starred restaurants, with a third on the way.

The first restaurant to receive the accolade was Attica, located in Ripponlea. It was awarded a star in 2014 and has continued to receive praise ever since. The restaurant has been consistently praised for its creative use of Australian ingredients, as well as its innovative dishes.

The second restaurant to gain a Michelin star was Minamishima in Richmond. It received its first star in 2018 and is known for its modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine. It’s not just the food that makes this restaurant stand out – the decor is also something special, with high ceilings, large windows and stylish furniture creating a unique atmosphere.

The third Michelin-starred restaurant is set to open later this year in South Yarra. The yet-to-be-named eatery will be run by two chefs who already have a long list of accolades to their name, including numerous hats from The Age Good Food Guide. They will be bringing their unique style of contemporary Australian cooking to Melbourne’s culinary scene, something that promises to be very exciting indeed!

It’s great news for both locals and visitors alike that Melbourne now boasts three Michelin-starred restaurants – something that only a handful of cities around the world can claim! This city is really establishing itself as one of the top foodie destinations in Australia, so if you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience then look no further than Melbourne!

Yes, Melbourne does have a few Michelin Star restaurants which are renowned for their creative use of Australian ingredients and innovative dishes as well as their chic decor and atmosphere. With three such establishments soon to open up here, it’s no wonder why Melbourne has become one of the most sought after foodie destinations in Australia!