Does Mifune Have a Michelin Star?

Michelin Stars are one of the most sought-after awards for restaurants around the world. It is widely regarded as being a sign of quality, and an acknowledgement of a chef’s hard work and dedication to their craft. But does Mifune, one of Tokyo’s most beloved sushi restaurants, have a Michelin Star?

Mifune has been serving up sushi and other Japanese dishes since 1989. The restaurant is located in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, and has been praised by countless diners over the years. In fact, Mifune has even been featured in several films and TV shows.

The restaurant has also received various awards from top culinary organizations over the years. It was named one of Japan’s best sushi restaurants by Gourmet magazine in 2010, and it recently won an award for “Most Creative Sushi” at a prestigious Tokyo food festival.

Despite its many accolades, Mifune has yet to receive a Michelin Star. This isn’t necessarily because they don’t deserve it – it could simply be that they haven’t been reviewed by Michelin yet. The organization only reviews restaurants that they believe have potential to become world-class dining experiences.


So does Mifune have a Michelin Star? Unfortunately, the answer is no – at least not yet! But with its impressive track record of awards and recognition from top culinary organizations, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Mifune were to receive a Michelin Star in the near future.