Does Morimoto Asia Have a Michelin Star?

Morimoto Asia is a restaurant located in Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida. It is owned and operated by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and offers guests an innovative take on Pan-Asian cuisine. The restaurant has received rave reviews from critics and guests alike for its creative dishes, which include a variety of sushi, noodles, dim sum, and other Asian-inspired creations.

Morimoto Asia has been open since 2015 and has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Disney Springs. The restaurant is well known for its chic atmosphere and its delicious food. Guests can find a variety of signature dishes on the menu such as toro tartare with yuzu kosho and king crab tempura, as well as unique “Morimoto” rolls featuring fresh fish or vegetables.

The restaurant also offers an extensive sushi menu that includes classic nigiri and sashimi as well as inventive rolls like the spicy tuna crunch roll or the rock’n shrimp roll. In addition to sushi, Morimoto Asia serves a variety of hot entrées like Peking duck or teriyaki steak.

Morimoto Asia has earned a number of accolades for its amazing food including being named one of the Best Restaurants in Florida by Florida Monthly magazine in 2019. However, one accolade that remains elusive for the restaurant is a Michelin star.

A Michelin star is a coveted award given to restaurants deemed to have excellent food quality by inspectors from the Michelin Guide. While Morimoto Asia has high ratings from critics and customers alike, it has yet to receive this prestigious honor due to its relatively short time in business compared to other restaurants that have received stars in Orlando.

Despite not having earned a Michelin star yet, Morimoto Asia continues to be one of Disney Springs’ premier dining destinations thanks to its innovative menus and delicious food. The restaurant’s popularity speaks for itself; it consistently receives high ratings from critics as well as guests who are eager to experience Chef Morimoto’s unique Pan-Asian cuisine.


Does Morimoto Asia have a Michelin star? No, not yet – but there’s no doubt it deserves one! With innovative menus full of creative dishes made with fresh ingredients and rave reviews from both critics and guests alike, it’s only a matter of time before this popular Disney Springs destination earns its much-deserved Michelin star!