Does Seattle Have Michelin Star Restaurants?

Seattle, a city of innovation and culinary excellence, has become known for its award-winning restaurants. With the rise of the tech industry, Seattle has become a magnet for top chefs and acclaimed restaurants.

The city’s restaurant scene is also renowned for its Michelin star restaurants. Although there are not many Michelin star restaurants in Seattle, there are a few that have earned the coveted distinction.

The most acclaimed Michelin star restaurant in Seattle is Canlis. Situated in the North Queen Anne neighborhood, Canlis has been serving guests since 1950.

The restaurant is focused on providing classic Northwest cuisine with modern touches from around the world. Their menu features dishes such as Dungeness crab cake with wild ramps and smoked steelhead roe, as well as seasonal specialties like seared scallops with black truffle risotto. Canlis’s award-winning wine list includes bottles from some of the best wineries in Washington State and around the world.

Eden Hill is another popular Michelin-starred restaurant in Seattle. Located in Queen Anne, Eden Hill sources locally grown ingredients to create contemporary American dishes like potato gnocchi with chanterelles, foie gras mousse with poached quince, and pork belly with garlic chips. Their menu also features a selection of small plates that can be shared among friends or enjoyed solo.

The Whale Wins, located in Fremont’s hip Magnolia neighborhood, offers an inventive approach to seafood-centric cuisine. The menu features dishes like Uni custard with cauliflower and abalone mushrooms, wild sea bass crudo with charred jalapeño salsa, and whole grilled steelhead trout with seaweed butter and squid ink couscous. They also offer an extensive selection of local wines.


Seattle does indeed have Michelin star restaurants that offer diners an unforgettable experience. From classic Northwest cuisine to inventive seafood-centric fare, these restaurants are sure to please even the most discerning palates.