Does South Africa Have Any Michelin Star Restaurants?

South Africa is known for its vibrant and diverse culinary landscape, and many of its restaurants have gained international recognition for their high quality cuisine. However, despite this, the country does not yet have any Michelin star restaurants.

Michelin stars are the most coveted awards in the culinary world and are awarded to restaurants that demonstrate excellence in all areas of cooking, from flavor to presentation. To receive one of these awards is a significant accomplishment that can bring great recognition and fame to a restaurant.

The Michelin Guide was first introduced in France in 1900 and has since expanded to cover more than 28 countries around the world, including some in Africa such as Morocco and Tunisia. Despite South Africa’s rich culinary heritage and potential for excellence, it has yet to be included in the list of countries with Michelin-starred restaurants.

However, there are several South African restaurants that have earned international acclaim for their high standards of cuisine. The Test Kitchen in Cape Town was recently named one of the best 50 restaurants in the world by Restaurant magazine, while The Saxon Hotel’s Jean-Georgy Vongerichten restaurant was awarded two AAA Diamonds – an award given to establishments based on their exceptional quality of food, service and ambience.

It is clear that South Africa is home to many top-notch eateries – but unfortunately there are still no Michelin-starred restaurants within its borders. While this may be disappointing for its passionate foodies, it is clear that with a little bit more time, recognition and support from local authorities and international organizations such as the Michelin Guide – South Africa could soon be joining the ranks of other African countries with Michelin star restaurants.


In conclusion, South Africa does not currently have any Michelin starred restaurants but it has several internationally acclaimed eateries which demonstrate its potential for excellence. With more support from local authorities and organizations like the Michelin Guide, it may not be too long before we see a South African restaurant join the ranks of those with prestigious Michelin stars.