Does Tacos El Gordo Have a Michelin Star?

Taco El Gordo is an iconic restaurant in San Diego, California. It’s been serving up delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine for over 30 years. The restaurant is well known for its carne asada tacos and other traditional dishes. But does this beloved eatery have a Michelin star?

Taco El Gordo has long been a favorite among San Diegans, but it has yet to receive the coveted Michelin star. The Michelin Guide is one of the most prestigious restaurant guides in the world and restaurants must meet certain criteria to be awarded a star. One of those criteria is that the restaurant must serve high-quality food that is prepared with skill and care.

The team at Taco El Gordo takes great pride in their food, using only the freshest ingredients and preparing each dish with love and attention to detail. Their tacos are made with hand-pressed corn tortillas which are filled with flavorful carne asada steak, spicy chorizo or savory carnitas pork. All of their dishes are cooked to perfection, making them some of the best Mexican cuisine in San Diego.

Despite Taco El Gordo’s commitment to excellence, they have yet to receive a Michelin Star. It’s possible that this could change in the future as more people become aware of the quality of their food and service, but for now they remain starless.

Does Taco El Gordo Have a Michelin Star? At this time, no; Taco El Gordo does not hold a Michelin star; however, it remains a beloved local favorite for its excellent Mexican cuisine and attentive service. Despite this lack of recognition from the prestigious guide, it still stands as one of San Diego’s most popular restaurants.