Does Texas Have a Michelin Star Restaurant?

Texas may be known for its delicious BBQ and Tex-Mex, but did you know that the Lone Star State is also home to Michelin star restaurants? Although Texas has yet to receive any coveted Michelin stars of its own, it is home to a number of restaurants with Michelin starred chefs.

Michelin stars are awarded by the prestigious French guidebook, the Michelin Guide. The guide rates restaurants on food quality, atmosphere, and service, and awards one to three stars for those establishments deemed “exceptional cuisine.” As of 2020, there are 11 three-star restaurants in the United States; none of them are in Texas.

However, many of Texas’s leading chefs have earned their own Michelin stars from cooking elsewhere. For example, Chef Grant Achatz received two Michelin stars for his restaurant Alinea in Chicago, while Chef John Besh won a star for his restaurant August in New Orleans. Both chefs now have restaurants in Austin – Alinea at The Domain and Lüke in downtown Austin respectively – giving diners access to their world-class cuisine without having to leave Texas.

Other well-known top chefs from around the world have opened up shop in Texas as well. Chefs Michael Mina and Richard Sandoval both have eateries at The Houstonian Hotel & Spa; Mina’s The Ramen Bar has been widely praised by critics while Sandoval’s Maya Mexican Kitchen & Bar has been awarded four diamonds by AAA.

Clearly there is no shortage of excellent restaurants and chefs in Texas – even if they don’t all have their own Michelin stars yet! From upscale eateries run by famous chefs to cozy Tex-Mex joints serving up mouthwatering tacos, there’s something for everyone no matter where you go in Texas.

So does Texas have a Michelin Star Restaurant?

No – not yet – but it does have some outstanding restaurants run by talented chefs who have earned Michelin stars for their cooking elsewhere. So even though Texans don’t yet have any official Michelin Stars of their own, they can still enjoy some exceptional dining experiences from celebrated international chefs right here at home!