Does Turkey Have Michelin Star?

Turkey is a country located in the Middle East, with a rich culinary history. For centuries, Turkish cuisine has been renowned for its diversity and array of flavors.

With its abundance of fresh ingredients, spices, and even desserts, Turkey has become a favorite destination for foodies all around the world. But does Turkey have Michelin Star restaurants?

The short answer is yes. In recent years, several Turkish restaurants have earned the coveted Michelin Star award.

The first was Restaurant Nusr-Et in Istanbul, which received its Michelin Star in 2018. It was followed by two other restaurants in 2019: Mikla and Mangerie. Both of these establishments are located in Istanbul and are well-known for their innovative dishes.

Mikla is owned by chef Mehmet Gürs, who is known for his modern take on traditional Turkish dishes. The restaurant has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to its inventive menu and stunning views of the Bosphorus strait. Mangerie is another top-rated restaurant that serves up contemporary Mediterranean fare with an emphasis on local ingredients.

In addition to these three restaurants, there are several more that have been awarded Michelin Stars in recent years. These include Çiya Kebap in Istanbul, which specializes in traditional Anatolian cuisine; Yedigün in Izmir; and Köşebaşı Ofis Restaurant & Bar in Ankara.


Yes, Turkey does have Michelin Star restaurants! Three establishments – Restaurant Nusr-Et, Mikla and Mangerie – have already earned the coveted award since 2018.

Additionally, there are several other top-rated restaurants that have been awarded Michelin Stars over the past few years. Whether you’re looking for traditional Turkish dishes or contemporary Mediterranean fare, Turkey offers something for everyone!