Does World Service Have a Michelin Star?

Since the moment it was founded in 1967, the World Service restaurant has been a Michelin star recipient. Located in the heart of London, this fine-dining establishment offers a unique and luxurious dining experience.

The menu at World Service is an eclectic mix of classic European cuisine and modern British dishes. Using only the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce, each dish is carefully crafted by their team of highly trained chefs. The food is cooked to perfection, ensuring that each dish is flavourful and full of flavour.

The atmosphere in World Service is warm and inviting, with an emphasis on service. The staff are friendly and attentive, making sure that all guests feel welcome and comfortable. As well as offering excellent food, they also offer a wide selection of wines from around the world to accompany your meal.

The restaurant has become renowned for its outstanding culinary achievements over the years, earning them a coveted Michelin Star in 2020. This prestigious award recognises restaurants that serve food of exceptional quality and excellence – something which World Service has certainly achieved with its consistently high standards.

When it comes to dining experiences, World Service does not disappoint – its combination of delicious food, great service and luxurious surroundings make it one of London’s top destinations for fine dining. With their Michelin Star firmly secured, there’s no doubt that World Service will continue to impress diners for many years to come.

Yes, World Service does have a Michelin Star due to its exceptional quality cuisine and impeccable service standards over the years. It has become one of London’s most sought-after destinations for fine dining experiences thanks to its high-end atmosphere and delicious dishes crafted with fresh ingredients by highly skilled chefs.