How Do I Know if Canned Cat Food Is Bad?

Canned cat food can be a great source of nutrition for felines and can come in many flavors and varieties. However, it is important to make sure that the canned cat food you buy is not bad. While most cats will not eat spoiled foods, it is still important to check for any signs of spoilage when purchasing canned cat food.

The first sign of spoilage in canned cat food is a foul odor or unusual smell. If the canned cat food smells off or has an unpleasant smell then it could be bad.

Additionally, if the food looks different than usual with discoloration, mold, or an oily film on top, then it could also be a sign that the food has gone bad. Additionally, if the contents have changed in color or texture, this could also be an indication that the canned cat food has spoiled.

Another way to tell if canned cat food has gone bad is by examining the expiration date on the can. If there is no expiration date listed, then it may be wise to avoid buying it as there could be potential health risks associated with consuming expired foods. Additionally, if there are any signs of bulging or leaking from the can as this may indicate that bacteria have formed inside due to spoilage.


By following these steps and using your senses when selecting and inspecting canned cat foods, you can determine whether or not they are safe for your pet to consume. Paying attention to smells, colors and textures as well as expiration dates will help ensure that your cats stay healthy and nourished with fresh and safe meals.