How Do You Cover Up Canned Cat Food?

Canned cat food is a great way to provide your feline friend with all the nutrition they need. It’s convenient, affordable and widely available. But it can also be messy and smelly, especially when you’re feeding multiple cats. So how do you cover up canned cat food?

The first thing to do is to make sure that the area where you are feeding your cat is clean and free of any other smells. This will help keep the smell of canned cat food from permeating your home.

It’s also a good idea to use a lid or cover over the food dish when not in use to keep the smell contained and prevent flies from gaining access to it.

If you have multiple cats, it’s best to feed them in separate rooms or areas of your home so that their individual smells don’t mix together. This will help keep each cat’s unique scent from overpowering the room where their food is served. Additionally, using different types of food dishes for each cat can be helpful in keeping odors contained and separate.

Another way to cover up canned cat food is by using air fresheners or odor-eliminating sprays. These are designed to neutralize odors quickly, leaving behind only a pleasant scent that won’t overpower the room or offend your nose.

Finally, if you have an outdoor space for your cats, consider providing them with outdoor feeders instead of bowls inside your home. This will keep most of the odors outside instead of bringing them into your living space.


Covering up canned cat food can be done easily with a few simple steps; clean the area before feeding, use lids or covers when not in use, feed cats in separate rooms or areas if possible, use air fresheners or odor-eliminating sprays for quick odor removal and consider providing outdoor feeders for cats who have access to outdoors. With these steps, you should be able to keep odors contained and leave behind only a pleasant scent!