How Do You Make a Simple Canned Food Dispenser?

Creating a simple canned food dispenser is an easy, cost-effective way to store and access canned foods. Whether you’re looking to organize your pantry or reduce waste, a homemade dispenser can provide an efficient storage solution. With a few materials, some basic tools, and an afternoon of work, you can create a custom-made food dispenser tailored to your needs.

First, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials. A wooden plank or board should be used as the base of your dispenser.

The size of the board depends on the number of cans that need to be stored. To build a rotating carousel system for easy access, you will also need four wooden dowels cut into pieces that are slightly shorter than the width of the board. You’ll use these pieces to create two rotating shelves within the dispenser.

Next, drill two holes on each end of each dowel piece and install two small bearings on each dowel. Next, place all four dowels in their corresponding holes and secure them in place with wood glue. Once these pieces are secure, you can attach the top shelf by laying it across all four dowels and securing it with wood glue as well.

To finish off your homemade canned food dispenser, drill two additional holes in each end of the board and install two larger bearings in them. These will act as axles for spinning the shelves when accessing cans. Once both bearings are secured in place, attach each axle to its corresponding shelf with screws or nails.


Creating a simple canned food dispenser is a great way to organize your pantry while also reducing waste. With some basic materials like wood planks and dowels as well as some basic tools like drills and screws or nails, you can easily make a custom-made food dispenser tailored to your needs within an afternoon.