How Do You Make Canned Food Tasty?

Canned food can be a convenient and budget-friendly way to add more variety to meals. But the reality is, canned food can lack flavor and texture when compared to fresh options. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make canned food tasty.

1. Spice it up. Canned food is a blank canvas for adding flavor.

Get creative with spices, herbs and other condiments such as hot sauce, vinegar, or soy sauce. For example, add some chili powder, cumin and garlic powder to canned black beans for an easy burrito bowl filling. Or mix some curry powder into canned chickpeas for a flavorful side dish.

2. Add texture. Canned food can often be soft or mushy in texture due to the long cooking process it has undergone. To give it more crunch or bite, add chopped nuts or seeds like pumpkin or sunflower seeds before heating up the canned food.

3. Add freshness. To counteract any metallic or overly salty flavors that come with canned food, adding some fresh ingredients can help brighten up flavors and give dishes an extra boost of nutrition. Fresh vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and onions are great for making soups and stews more vibrant and flavorful.

4. Experiment with different cooking techniques. There are numerous ways to prepare canned food in order to make it taste better than ever before. For example, try roasting whole cans of tomatoes in the oven with herbs until they become caramelized for a deeper flavor profile; or turn them into a quick marinara sauce by sautéing in olive oil for a few minutes before adding your favorite seasonings.


Canned foods offer convenience without compromising on taste if you know how to make them tasty! Try spicing them up with herbs and condiments; adding texture with nuts; incorporating fresh ingredients; or experimenting with different cooking techniques such as roasting or sautéing. With these tips in mind you can make delicious meals using canned goods even on the busiest days!