How Do You Store Canned Food on Shelves?

Storing canned food on shelves is a great way to conserve kitchen space and keep pantry items organized. Canned food is already shelf-stable, so it’s easy to store it on any kind of shelf or cabinet. There are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure the food stays fresh and safe for consumption.

Check Dates – The first step when organizing canned goods is to check the expiration dates. Canned goods are usually good for several years, but they can spoil over time if not stored properly. Throw out any cans that have expired, as they may contain bacteria that could make you sick if consumed.

Check Can Integrity – Inspect the cans for any dents or bulges before placing them on the shelf. If a can is dented or bulging, it may have been compromised and should be discarded right away as it may contain harmful bacteria.

Organize By Expiration Dates – Once you’ve checked all of the cans for expiration dates and integrity, organize them by expiration date with the earliest expiring items at the front of the shelf and the latest expiring items at the back of the shelf. This will ensure that you use up all of your canned goods before they expire.

Rotate Stock – As you add new cans of food to your shelves, rotate your stock by moving older cans to the front and newer cans to the back so that all items are used in a timely manner. This will help prevent waste and help you get maximum value from your canned goods.

Store Away From Heat Sources – Be sure to store your canned goods away from heat sources such as ovens, stoves or hot water heaters as this can cause them to spoil faster than normal. The ideal storage temperature for canned goods is between 50°F and 70°F (10°C–21°C).

Storing canned food on shelves is an easy way to save space in your kitchen while keeping pantry items organized. To ensure your canned foods stay fresh, check their dates before stocking them on shelves and organize them by expiration date with earlier expiring items in front and later expiring items in back. Rotate stock regularly and store away from heat sources for maximum freshness.