How Do You Store Extra Utensils in the Kitchen?

The kitchen is often one of the busiest places in a home and it’s important to keep it well organized. It’s especially important if you have limited storage space.

Extra utensils can quickly become an issue if you don’t have a plan for where to store them. Fortunately, there are some creative ways to store extra utensils in the kitchen.

Hanging Utensil Rack: One of the most common solutions for storing extra utensils is to hang them from a rack mounted on the wall or cabinet door. You can find these racks with multiple compartments that are perfect for organizing different sizes and shapes of utensils, such as spatulas, ladles, whisks, spoons and more. This is also a great way to keep your utensils easily accessible.

Drawer Organizers: If you don’t want to mount a rack on your wall or cabinet door, you can use drawer organizers instead. There are many different types of drawer organizers available that can help you organize your utensils into neat little compartments. This is especially helpful if you have large drawers that need to be better organized.

Baskets and Containers: If you don’t want to use either of the above options, then baskets and containers are another great way to store extra utensils in the kitchen. You can find all sorts of baskets and containers in different sizes, shapes and colors that will fit perfectly into your kitchen cabinets or drawers. This is also a great way to add color and personality to your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Storage: The last option for storing extra utensils in the kitchen is under cabinet storage. This type of storage gives you plenty of room for larger items like pots and pans while also providing plenty of space for smaller items like utensils. The best part about under cabinet storage is that it keeps everything off the counter top so you have more room for food preparation.

No matter how small or large your kitchen may be, there’s always a way to store extra utensils without taking up too much space or making it look cluttered. By utilizing any one of these options – hanging racks, drawer organizers, baskets & containers or under cabinet storage – you can keep all your utensils organized and easily accessible.

Conclusion: Storing extra utensils in the kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult; with some creative thinking and clever organisation techniques it’s easy! Hanging racks, drawer organisers, baskets & containers or under-cabinet storage are all excellent options depending on what type of space you have available – no matter how small or large!