How Do You Store Opened Canned Dog Food?

Storing Opened Canned Dog Food

It’s convenient and cost-effective to buy canned dog food, but what do you do with the rest of the can after your pup has finished their meal? The answer is that you need to store it properly in order to keep it safe and edible for your pup.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends refrigerating the remaining canned food within two hours of opening it. This helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth that can lead to food poisoning.

If you’re not able to refrigerate the cans within two hours, discard them, as they may have gone bad. When storing opened canned dog food in the refrigerator, make sure to place it in an airtight container to prevent spoilage. You should also use up any opened canned food within three days.


If you want to preserve the opened canned dog food for longer than three days, AKC recommends freezing it instead. Place the remaining portion in a freezer-safe container and store it in the freezer for up to six months. When you’re ready to use it again, thaw it out in your fridge overnight or pop it into a microwave for a few seconds until it’s at room temperature.


When storing opened canned dog food, be sure not to give your pup too much at once because this could lead to overeating and weight gain. Instead, portion out only what you need for one meal and store the rest away properly until needed again.


It’s important to store opened canned dog food properly in order to keep your pup safe from any potential bacteria growth or spoilage that can occur if left out too long or stored incorrectly. Refrigerate opened cans within two hours or freeze them for up to six months if you want them preserved longer than three days. Make sure when serving portions of canned dog food that they are no larger than what is needed for one meal as this can lead to overeating and weight gain over time.