How Does a Restaurant Win a Michelin Star?

Earning a Michelin star is one of the highest honours a restaurant can receive, and it’s no easy task. Restaurants have to work hard to earn the coveted star, and the process is a lengthy one. The Michelin Guide is one of the most prestigious restaurant review publications in the world, and they use a rigorous selection process to award stars to restaurants.

The first step in earning a Michelin star is to be selected for inclusion in the Michelin Guide. To be considered, restaurants must demonstrate exceptional quality across all aspects of their business: food, service, and ambience. Restaurants are judged on their consistency, originality, and technical mastery by anonymous reviewers who visit restaurants multiple times before making any decision.

Once a restaurant has been selected for inclusion in the Michelin Guide, they are then assessed for a potential star rating. Each year, inspectors from the Guide visit restaurants around the world and rate them according to strict criteria. These criteria include factors such as quality of ingredients used in dishes; creativity of flavors; harmony between ingredients; presentation of dishes; atmosphere; service; wine list; and value for money.

In order to win a Michelin star, restaurants must meet very high standards across all these criteria. Inspectors look for chefs that demonstrate skillful technique combined with creativity in their cooking. They also look for restaurants that offer an overall dining experience that exceeds what guests would normally expect from their type of cuisine.


Winning a Michelin star requires dedication, attention to detail and an ongoing commitment to excellence from chefs and restaurateurs alike. Restaurants must demonstrate consistent quality across all aspects of their business: food, service and ambience – as well as meet very high standards set by inspectors from the Guide – in order to be considered for inclusion in the prestigious publication.