How Many 3 Michelin Star Chefs Are There?

When it comes to haute cuisine, there is no greater honor than being awarded three Michelin stars. The prestigious accolade, awarded by the renowned French tire company’s restaurant guide, is a testament to a chef’s skill and expertise. It’s no wonder that the chefs who earn this honor go on to become some of the world’s most famous culinary stars.

The history of Michelin restaurants began in 1926 with the launch of the first edition of their famous guide. In 1933, Michelin introduced its star rating system, which was used to distinguish between different qualities of restaurants. Three stars were reserved for the very best establishments – those that offered exceptional cuisine and service.

Today, there are only 137 restaurants throughout the world that have received three Michelin stars. These restaurants are located in 12 countries. France has the most three-Michelin-starred restaurants with 79, followed by Japan with 15 and Italy with 10.

Each year, new chefs join this exclusive club as they become worthy recipients of three stars from Michelin inspectors. Renowned chefs such as Alain Ducasse (France), Gordon Ramsay (United Kingdom) and Massimo Bottura (Italy) are all holders of this prestigious award.


There are currently only 137 restaurants around the world that have been awarded three Michelin stars. This elite group includes some of the most renowned chefs in the world such as Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay and Massimo Bottura. Earning a third star from Michelin is an incredible achievement and marks a chef out as one of the very best in their field.