How Many 3 Michelin Star Restaurants Are in the World?

The 3 Michelin Star Ranking is one of the most coveted awards in the culinary world. It is a signifier that the restaurant has achieved excellence in food, service, and atmosphere.

Established in 1926 by The Michelin Guide, it is an international standard of quality and excellence. Over the years, only a select few exceptional restaurants have been awarded three stars – the highest rating on the Michelin scale.

The 3 Michelin Star rating is given to restaurants that demonstrate “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”. According to The Michelin Guide’s criteria, such restaurants offer “distinctive dishes prepared by master chefs using quality ingredients and skillful technique that are truly memorable.” Such restaurants must also offer an atmosphere that contributes to a “unique dining experience” and impeccable service from well-trained staff.

The first 3 Michelin Star restaurant was awarded in 1933 to La Pyramide in Vienne, France. Since then, only a select few restaurants have attained this coveted accolade. Over time, some restaurants have come and gone due to changing tastes or closures but there are still many 3-starred establishments worldwide today.

At present, there are currently 135 three-Michelin-starred restaurants located around the world – including 10 new additions announced just this year! Out of these 135 establishments, France holds the record for having the most three-starred restaurants with a total of 33 establishments – followed closely by Japan with 30; Italy with 15; United States with 11; Spain with 10; Germany with 8; Switzerland with 7; China with 6; Belgium and Taiwan each have 5 stars; South Korea has 4 stars; Denmark has 3 stars; Luxembourg has 2 stars and Austria has 1 star.

Overall, it is clear that being awarded three-stars from The Michelin Guide is no easy feat! To be amongst one of these 135 elite establishments takes hard work and dedication from chefs who strive for culinary excellence day after day.

In conclusion, as of 2021 there are currently 135 Three-Michelin Star Restaurants located around the world – making it an exclusive yet highly respected club amongst those who strive for culinary excellence!