How Many Female Michelin Star Chefs Are There?

Michelin Star Chefs: How Many Female Chefs Are There?

Michelin stars are recognized as the highest honor a chef can achieve in the culinary world. As such, it is no surprise that the number of female chefs who have earned Michelin stars is small. Nevertheless, there have been a handful of women who have achieved success in earning Michelin Stars, and their stories are inspiring to aspiring chefs everywhere.

The first female chef to earn a Michelin star was Marguerite Bise in 1933, at her family-run restaurant in France. This was followed by Odette Fada in 1958, at her own restaurant in Milan, Italy. It wasn’t until 1977 that another female chef—Suzanne Verzier—earned a Michelin star for her French cuisine at her restaurant near Paris.

Since then, more and more female chefs have earned Michelin stars for their restaurants around the world.

In 2020, there were 46 female chefs who achieved this honor. These women come from countries around the globe such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and the United States. Each of these chefs brings something special to the table with their own unique style of cooking and signature dishes.

These 46 women represent only a small fraction of all the chefs worldwide who have earned Michelin stars; however, they are proof that it is possible for women to reach this level of success in the culinary world. They are an inspiration to other aspiring female chefs who may feel discouraged by their lack of representation at higher levels of the industry.


There are currently 46 female chefs worldwide who have earned one or more Michelin stars for their restaurants and cuisines. While this number is still relatively small compared to all those who have achieved this honor globally over time, it demonstrates that it is possible for talented and dedicated women to reach great heights within the culinary industry as well.