How Many Michelin 1 Star Restaurants Are There in the World?

The Michelin Guide has been around for over a century, and it remains the most respected and sought-after culinary award in the world. The coveted stars are awarded in three categories – one to three stars – based on inspection of an establishment’s food quality, service, and atmosphere. One-star restaurants are considered to be “very good restaurants in their category” according to the Michelin Guide.

At present, there are over 3,500 Michelin 1-star restaurants across the world. France has the most 1-star establishments at 693, followed by Japan with 585, Italy with 476 and Germany with 212. In addition to these countries, there are restaurants with 1 Michelin star in other countries including Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The number of 1-star restaurants is constantly changing as new establishments open up or existing ones close down. The selection process for a Michelin star is extremely thorough – inspectors visit each restaurant several times before making their decision – so getting a star is no easy task! Only those who consistently serve up exceptional dishes and offer excellent hospitality can hope to receive the ultimate culinary recognition.

Michelin stars also carry a certain prestige among chefs as well as diners. A single Michelin star can make a restaurant famous overnight and draw customers from far and wide who would otherwise have never heard of it. This makes it especially important for chefs to strive for excellence if they want their establishments to become a part of this exclusive club.


There are currently over 3,500 1-star restaurants across the world that have been awarded the coveted Michelin star by inspectors who have visited them several times and determined them to serve exceptional dishes and offer excellent hospitality. It is an impressive feat that requires dedication and commitment from both chefs and diners alike if they wish to join this exclusive club of elite culinary establishments.