How Many Michelin 2 Star Restaurants Are There in the World?

Michelin 2-Star Restaurants are widely recognized as some of the world’s finest establishments for food. Michelin, a French tire company, has been awarding stars to restaurants since 1926. A two-star rating is the highest accolade a restaurant can receive from Michelin, and it is given to those restaurants that offer an exceptional cuisine in a remarkable setting.

Michelin star ratings are based on an anonymous inspection by a professional inspector of the Guide Michelin, who visits each restaurant and rates it according to five criteria: quality of ingredients used; mastery of cooking techniques; level of flavor and texture; personality and consistency throughout the menu; and overall value for money. The evaluation process takes into consideration all aspects of the dining experience, including service and atmosphere.

In total, there are currently 337 two-star Michelin restaurants in the world. This number includes many well-known establishments such as New York’s Le Bernardin, Tokyo’s Kitcho Arashiyama and Paris’ L’Ambroisie. The United States has 75 two-star Michelin restaurants spread across 16 states, with California boasting the most with 22 restaurants.

Japan is home to the most number of Michelin 2-Star Restaurants with 113 establishments. Tokyo is particularly well represented with 76 restaurants receiving this prestigious honor, followed by Kyoto with 18 two-star places.

France, due to its long history as one of Europe’s culinary hubs, also has an impressive collection of two-starred eateries with 81 in total – 37 in Paris alone. In addition to this, Italy has 48 starred restaurants while Germany has 19.

Michelin star ratings remain one of the most sought after awards for fine dining establishments worldwide and achieving a two-star rating is considered one of the highest honors a restaurant can receive.

In conclusion, there are currently 337 two-star Michelin Restaurants in the world located across 16 countries. Japan houses the most number of these esteemed eateries with 113 establishments spread across Tokyo and Kyoto. France follows closely behind with 81 starred restaurants while Italy and Germany have 48 and 19 respectively.