How Many Michelin 3 Star Restaurants Are There in France?

France is a gastronomic paradise, home to some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants and chefs. It is well known for its culinary excellence and its commitment to quality, and for that reason, it has a long list of Michelin 3 star restaurants.

The prestigious Michelin Guide awards three stars to the very best restaurants in France, acknowledging their superb cuisine and outstanding service.

The list of Michelin 3 star restaurants in France changes from year to year, as new establishments are added or existing ones lose stars. In 2021, there are a total of 27 Michelin-starred restaurants in France with three stars – making it the most decorated country when it comes to this accolade.

The majority of these 3-star venues are located in Paris, a city renowned for its fine dining scene. The top five starred establishments are all based in the French capital – including L’Ambroisie, Mirazur and Guy Savoy – while others can be found throughout France’s other major cities such as Lyon and Marseille.

These top-rated restaurants offer world-class cuisine, featuring dishes crafted from the freshest local ingredients by some of the most talented chefs in the business. Each venue offers an unforgettable dining experience with impeccable service and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

In addition to these 27 3-star venues, there are many more acclaimed restaurants throughout France which have been awarded one or two stars by the Michelin Guide. These establishments also offer exceptional cuisine, though not quite at the same level as their 3-star counterparts.


In 2021 there are a total of 27 Michelin 3 star Restaurants in France. All these renowned establishments provide diners with an unforgettable experience thanks to their superb cuisine and outstanding service. Alongside these esteemed venues there are also many other one and two star restaurants throughout France which offer excellent food quality but not quite at the same level as those with three stars.