How Many Michelin Star Inspectors Are There?

Michelin star inspectors are some of the most important people in the culinary world. They are responsible for evaluating restaurants and awarding them with one, two, or three stars depending on their quality.

It is a highly coveted distinction, and the inspectors have a big responsibility to make sure it is given to the right places. So, how many Michelin star inspectors are there?

The answer is not an easy one to find as Michelin is very secretive about its operations. However, it is believed that there are around 150-200 Michelin star inspectors in total.

These inspectors come from all over the world and are experts in their field. They undergo extensive training before being granted permission to evaluate restaurants and award them with stars.

Michelin star inspectors travel near and far to try out different restaurants in order to evaluate them for possible inclusion in the Michelin Guide. This can be quite challenging as they must be able to distinguish between an average meal from a truly exceptional one, as well as be able to judge food from multiple cuisines.

The inspections themselves are also very rigorous. The inspectors must take into account factors such as food quality, presentation, atmosphere, service, and overall value in order to come up with a score. Once they have finished the evaluation process, they will then decide whether or not that restaurant deserves one star or multiple stars.


So while it may not be clear exactly how many Michelin star inspectors there are currently working for the company, it is believed that there are around 150-200 of them worldwide who travel around in search of exceptional restaurants worthy of receiving one or more stars. It is no small feat and takes a great amount of skill and dedication on their part.